Anthony Morris

Software Developer

I am a software developer excited to work with an agile team that enjoys working together developing creative solutions with code.


  • Software Developer

    Growth Optimized (Vancouver, BC)

    March 2017 - Current

    Using VueJS and Laravel to build tools that help companies optimize their websites for growth.

    VueJS, Laravel, HTML, CSS

  • Web Developer

    Fitplan (Vancouver, BC)

    November 2016 - Current

    Used React.js to build web products for athletes changing the fitness landscape and improving the way their fans interface with the product.

    React.js, JavaScript, Sails.JS, HTML, CSS, NGINX

  • Computer Technician

    Cote Business Systems Ltd. (Remote)

    March 2011 - September 2016

    Performed basic IT support including server management, printers, and networks. Developed basic business applications using AutoHotKey and PHP.

    PHP/CodeIgniter, JavaScript, Photoshop, AutoHotKey, HTML, CSS, Apache, Linux, MySQL

  • Owner / Audio Engineer

    amorris|sound (Vancouver, BC)

    July 2014 - August 2016

    Helped make motion film projects come alive by recording location audio, designing sound effects, and mixing commercials and short films.

    Pro Tools


  • Web Developer/Designer

    Reading Bear (Vancouver, BC)

    March 2016 - January 2017

    Developed new branding for the non-profit (logo, colour palette). Helped replace their dated WordPress site with a more user friendly version that allows users to register online.

  • Event Volunteer

    Startup Weekend Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

    November 2016

    Worked with a great team of volunteers to help setup, run, and disassemble the event. Provided moral support as many creative individuals developed amazing applications and products.

  • Podcast Editor

    Vancouver Tech Podcast (Vancouver, BC)

    October 2016 - January 2017

    Edited the podcast every Saturday after it was recorded, ensuring it would go out every Monday.


  • Lighthouse Labs

    Web Development Bootcamp (Vancouver, BC)


    Studied the ins and outs of full stack web development. Throughout the length of the course I was introduced to a variety of current tech including JavaScript (Node, React.js), MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Ruby on Rails.


    Audio Engineering, Honours (London, ON)

    Septemebr 2013 - July 2014

    Learned how to move people with sound while studying acoustics, post-production for film, sound design, music production, and recording technologies/methods. Shared an award with three others in music recording and production after recording and mixing a song for a Canadian metal band.


  • The Bacon Machine

    Built during Comedy Hack Day 2016, this React Native allows you to cook bacon with a Raspberry Pi. The app activates a motor connected to the Pi, rotating bacon over an open flame.

    React Native, Node.js

  • Sportsello

    A VueJS single page application built to connect sports fans with venues playing the sports they love. Our team of three was challenged by building our first single page application with new technology we hadn't used before.

    VueJS, Ruby on Rails

Feel free to stop by my GitHub to see what else I've been up to!


  • Programming Languages

    JavaScript (Vanilla, jQuery, VueJS), PHP (Laravel), HTML, CSS

  • Technology

    Git, Linux, Photoshop, REST APIs, Pro Tools